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This topic really belongs on the performance list. I have copied that
list and set followups to go there and copy you.

> my web application grows slower and slower over time. After some 
> profiling I came to the conclusion that my SQL queries are the biggest 
> time spenders (25 seconds). Obviously I need to optimise my queries and 
> maybe introduce some new indexes.

This sounds like you aren't doing proper maintainance. You need to be
vacuuming with a large enough FSM setting.

> The problem is, that my application uses dynamic queries. I therefor can 
> not determine what are the most common queries.
> I have used the postgresql logging ption before. Is there a tool to 
> analyze the logfile for the most common and/or most time consuming queries?

You can log queries that run for at least a specified amount of time.
This will be useful in finding what the long running queries are.
You can then use explain analyse to see why they are long running.

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