Chris Cheston wrote:
HI all, I'm trying to implement a highly-scalable, high-performance,
real-time database replication system to back-up my Postgres database
as data gets written.

So far, Mammoth Replicator is looking pretty good but it costs $1000+ .

Yes but it includes 30 days of support and 12 months of upgrades/updates :)

Has anyone tried Slony-I and other replication systems?  Slony-I is
pretty new so I'm a little unsure if it's ready for a prime-time
commercial system yet.

It really depends on your needs. They are both good systems. Slony-I is a bit more of a beast to get up and running, and it is a batch replication system that uses triggers. Once it is up and running it works well though.

Mammoth Replicator is easy to setup and is integrated into PostgreSQL.
However replicator is 1000+ and doesn't support promoting of slaves automatically (you can do it by hand) like Slony does. Replicator is
also live replication.


Joshua D. Drake

So... wanted to put this out to the experts. Has anyone got any recommendations or had experiences with real-time database replication solutions that don't rely on RAID? The reason why I don't want to rely on a hardware solution is because we are renting dedicated servers and we don't have access to the boxes, only to software that gets installed on the boxes.


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