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> I hope you understand that I, in no way have ever suggested
> (purposely) anything negative about Slony. Only that I believe they
> serve different technical solutions.

Stipulating that I may have some bias ;-), I still don't find it at
all clear what the different situations are "shaped like" that lead to
Mammoth being forcibly preferable to Slony-I.

(Note that I have a pretty decent understanding about how ERS and
Slony work, so I'm not too frightened of technicalities...  I set up
instances of both on Thursday, so I'm pretty up to speed :-).)

Win32 support may be true at the moment, although I have to discount
that as we only just got the start of a beta release of native Win32
support for PostgreSQL proper.  For that very reason, I had to point
my youngest brother who needed "something better than Access" to
Firebird last Saturday; I played with my niece while he was doing the
install.  And there is little reason to think that Slony-I won't be
portable to Win32 given a little interest and effort, particularly
once work to make it play well with "pgxs" gets done.
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