Tom Lane mentioned :
=> Turn off
=> memory overallocation in your kernel to get more stable behavior when
=> pushing the limits of available memory.

I think this will already help a lot.

=> If your concern is with a single nightly process, then that quad Xeon is
=> doing squat for you, because only one of the processors will be working.
=> See if you can divide up the processing into several jobs that can run
=> in parallel.  (Of course, if the real problem is that you are disk I/O
=> bound, nothing will help except better disk hardware.  Way too many
=> people think they should buy a super-fast CPU and attach it to
=> consumer-grade IDE disks.  For database work you're usually better off
=> spending your money on good disks...)

Got 3 10000 rpm SCSI raid5 on here. I doubt I will get much better than that
without losing both arms and legs... 

I think I'll try and even out the disk IO a bit and get 4 processes running in 
At least I can move forward again.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards

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