Igor Artimenko wrote:

Hi verybody!

I can't make use of indexes even I tried the same test by changing different settings in postgres.conf like geqo to off/on & geqo related parameters, enable_seqscan off/on & so on. Result is the same.

Here is test itself:

I've created simplest table test and executed the same statement "explain analyze select id from test where id = 50000;" Few times I added 100,000 records, applied vacuum full; and issued above explain command. Postgres uses sequential scan instead of index one. Of cause Time to execute the same statement constantly grows. In my mind index should not allow time to grow so much.

Why Postgres does not utilizes primary unique index?
What I'm missing? It continue growing even there are 1,200,000 records. It should at 
least start using index at some point.

Igor, you may want to run "vacuum analyze" and see if your results change.


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