Hi all,

I offered apologies to Igor Artimenko in private mail already; I'll apologize again 

About top-posting: Outlook Exchange teaches bad habits. Can you set Outlook Exchange 
to prefix lines with "> " only when mail is in text-only format but not when mail 
arrives in html / rtf format?

About full quoting: my apologies.

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On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 09:54:47 +0200, "Leeuw van der, Tim"
>You asked the very same question yesterday, and I believe you got some useful 
>answers. Why do you post the question again?

Tim, no need to be rude here.  
>[more instructions]

And while we are teaching netiquette, could you please stop top-posting
and full-quoting.

Igor, welcome to the list!  Did the suggestions you got solve your


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