> The request takes about 4 seconds ... I have about 1 400 000 records in
> article and 36 000 records in site table ... it's a Bi-Pentium III 933 MHz
> server with 1 Gb memory ... I'm using Postgresql 7.4.5
> For me this result is very very slow I really need a quicker result with
> less than 1 second ...
> The next time I call the same request I have got the result in 439 ms ...
> but If I replace "Postgresql" in my find with "Linux" for example I will
> get the next result in 5 seconds ... :o(

Hmmm.  It sounds like your system is unable to keep all of the data cached in 
memory.  What else do you have going on on that machine?

> Explain gives me this result :

Please do "EXPLAIN ANALYZE" so that we can see where time is actually spent.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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