> (cost=0.00..4052.84 rows=1351 width=166) (actual time=109.766..5415.108
> rows=139 loops=1)
>                      Index Cond: (idxfti @@ '\'postgresql\''::tsquery)
>                      Filter: (idxfti @@ '\'postgresql\''::tsquery)

>From this, it looks like your FTI index isn't fitting in your sort_mem.  
What's sort_mem at now?  Can you increase it?

Overall, though, I'm not sure you can get this sub-1s without a faster 
machine.   Although I'm doing FTI on about 25MB of FTI text on a 
single-processor machine, and getting 40ms response times, so maybe we can 

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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