Hi all!

I'm new here, so hello to everybody!

I'm in a deep truble using postgesSQL 7.2.0 on a low-end pc with SUSE 8. I'm
using some databases from that pc through odbc (7.3.200). Until now i had no
problems with this solution, everithing worked fine. But today i wrote a
small app, that converts/copies some data from a database to an other

During this work i wrote a simple query as follows:
select pers_driving_license from person where pers_id=23456

This should return a single varchar(20) field. Running this query over
ADO/ODBC from a Delphi app tooks 50-100 secs. If i run this from pgAdmin II.
it takes some msecs.

The output of explain is:
Index Scan using person_id_index on person (cost=0.00..3.14 rows=1 width=4)

Any idea?

Thanks in advance: steve

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