Dear all,

  I am currently experiencing troubles with the performance of my critical's database.

  The problem is the time that the postgres takes to perform/return a query. For 
example, trying the \d <tablename> command takes between 4 or 5 seconds. This table is 
very big, but I am not asking for the rows, only asking the table schema, so...why is 
this so slow?!?!? My last administrative action into this table was a reindex to all 
the indexes via the BKI in standalone mode. I thought I suceed, but this was las 
saturday. Today I am in the same situation again.

  The only change that I've done was a highest level of debug in the conf file (loggin 
lot of stuff). 
  I understand that this could lack on performance, but when I've changed the .conf 
file to the usual .conf file (with less debug), and pg_ctl reload(ed) it, it goes on 
debuging as in the first state, in the higher level. Is this a known issue? 

  My conclusion is that I can aquire high levels of debug while the server is running, 
editing the .conf file, and pg_reload(ing) it, but I can go back then, unless I 
pg_restart the server. Is this ok?

Some info
PostgreSQL 7.4.2
[EMAIL PROTECTED] data]$ pg_config --configure
'--enable-thread-safety' '--with-perl'
Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MP CPU 2.80GHz
Linux 2.4.24-ck1 #5 SMP Fri Mar 12 23:41:51 GMT 2004 i686 unknown
RAM 4 Gb.

Thanks, Guido.

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