> Stephen Frost
> * Markus Schaber ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Generally, what is the fastest way for doing bulk processing of
> > update-if-primary-key-matches-and-insert-otherwise operations?
> This is a very good question, and I havn't seen much of an answer to it
> yet.  I'm curious about the answer myself, actually.  In the more recent
> SQL specs, from what I understand, this is essentially what the 'MERGE'
> command is for.  This was recently added and unfortunately is not yet
> supported in Postgres.  Hopefully it will be added soon.

Yes, I think it is an important feature for both Data Warehousing (used in
set-operation mode for bulk processing) and OLTP (saves a round-trip to the
database, so faster on single rows also). It's in my top 10 for 2005.

Best Regards, Simon Riggs

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