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> Googling 'upsert' (an Oraclism, I believe) will get you hits on Oracle 
> and DB2's implementation of MERGE, which does what AMOUNTS to what is
> described below (one mass UPDATE...FROM, one mass INSERT...WHERE NOT 
> No, you shouldn't iterate row-by-row through the temp table.
> Whenever possible, try to do updates in one single (mass) operation.
> Doing it that way gives the optimizer the best chance at amortizing
> fixed costs, and batching operations.

But when every updated row has a different value for the column(s) to be
updated, then I still have to use one update statement per row, which I
expect to be faster when done via a stored procedure than having the
whole client-server roundtrip including parsing every time. Or did I
miss some nice SQL statement?

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