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Joshua D. Drake wrote:
|>>Sorry, I meant 30,000 with 300 connections - not 3,000.  The 300
|>>/ second is realistic, if not underestimated.  As is the nature of
|>>our site
|>>(realtime information about online gaming), there's a huge fan base
|>>and as a
|>>big upset happens, we'll do 50,000 page views in a span of 3-5
|>First, your posts show no evidences of the CS storm bug.
|>Second, 300 *new* connections a second is a lot.   Each new connection
|>requires a significant amount of both database and OS overhead.   This
|>is why all the other web developers use a connection pool.
| I would second this. You need to be running a connection pool and
| probably multiple web servers in
| front of that. You are talking about a huge amount of connections in
| that amount of time.
| Josh Drake
|>In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your lockups are on the OS level,
|>even; I don't recall that you cited what OS you're using, but I can
|>imagine locking up Linux 2.4 trying to spawn 300 new processes a

Not to mention that a proxy squid mounted in reverse proxy mode will
help a lot.

Regards Gaetano Mendola

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