> My basic question to the community is "is PostgreSQL approximately as fast
> as Oracle?"
> I don't want benchmarks, they're BS.  I want a gut feel from this community
> because I know many of you are in mixed shops that run both products, or
> have had experience with both.
> I fully intend to tune, vacuum, analyze, size buffers, etc.  I've read what
> people have written on the topic, and from that my gut feel is that using
> PostgreSQL will not adversely affect performance of my application versus
> Oracle.  I know it won't adversely affect my pocket book.  I also know that
> requests for help will be quick, clear, and multifaceted.
> I'm currently running single processor UltraSPARC workstations, and intend
> to use Intel Arch laptops and Linux.  The application is a big turnkey
> workstation app.  I know the hardware switch alone will enhance
> performance, and may do so to the point where even a slower database will
> still be adequate.

I have always been told we are +/- 10% of Oracle. That's what I say at
talks and no one has disputed that.  We are +10-30% faster than

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