On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 03:07:00PM +0100, Matt Clark wrote:

> You turn it off in the BIOS.  There is no 'other half', the processor is 
> just pretending to have two cores by shuffling registers around, which 
> gives maybe a 5-10% performance gain in certain multithreaded 
> situations. 

> <opinion>A hack to overcome marchitactural limitations due 
> to the overly long pipeline in the Prescott core.</opinion>.  Really of 
> most use for desktop interactivity rather than actual throughput.

Hyperthreading is actually an excellent architectural feature that
can give significant performance gains when implemented well and used
for an appropriate workload under a decently HT aware OS.

IMO, typical RDBMS streams are not an obviously appropriate workload,
Intel didn't implement it particularly well and I don't think there
are any OSes that support it particularly well.

But don't write off using it in the future, when it's been improved
at both the OS and the silicon levels.


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