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> (I'm not sure if it's a good idea to create a PG-specific FS in your
> OS of choice, but it's certainly gonna be easier than getting FS code
> inside of PG)

I don't think PG really needs a specific FS. I rather think that PG
could profit from some functionality that's missing in traditional UN*X
file systems.

posix_fadvise(2) may be a candidate. Read/Write bareers another pone, as
well asn syncing a bunch of data in different files with a single call
(so that the OS can determine the best write order). I can also imagine
some interaction with the FS journalling system (to avoid duplicate

We should create a list of those needs, and then communicate those to
the kernel/fs developers. Then we (as well as other apps) can make use
of those features where they are available, and use the old way
everywhere else.

Maybe Reiser4 is a step into the right way, and maybe even a postgres
plugin for Reiser4 will be worth the effort. Maybe XFS/JFS etc. already
have such capabilities. Maybe that's completely wrong.


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