Hi Andrew,

I had never heard of Ubuntu before, thanks for the tip.

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On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 11:13 +0900, Iain wrote:
> I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to build a similar machine soon and > am
> wondering about the choice of 64 bit distributions.
> Gentoo is obviously a possibility but I'm also condsidering Debian. There > is
> also a 64 compile of redhat sources somewhere around, but I can't remember
> what they call it offhand.
> If anyone has opinions about that, I'd be happy to hear.

Hi Iain,

We are using Debian on a few dual-Opteron systems and a number of AMD64
desktop systems and it is working fine.

We are also using Ubuntu, which can be installed with the "Custom"
options for a server, is Debian based, and includes PostgreSQL in the
basic supported package set.

Due to the better security support for AMD64 in Ubuntu we are likely to
migrate our server environments to that, at least until there is a more
officially support AMD64 port for Debian.


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