On Sat, 13 Nov 2004, vivek singh wrote:

> I am new to this group and postgresql. I am working on
> a project which uses postgresql and project is time
> critical. We did all optimization in our project but
> postgresql seems to be a bottle-neck. To solve this we
> run the database operations in a different thread. But
> still, with large volume of data in database the
> insert operation becomes very slow (ie. to insert 100
> records in 5 tables, it takes nearly 3minutes).

That's pretty bad.  What does the schema look like? Are there
any foreign keys, triggers or rules being hit?

> vacuum analyze helps a bit but performance improvement
> is not much.
> We are using the default postgres setting (ie. didn't
> change postgresql.conf).

Hmm, there are a few settings to try to change, although to be
honest, I'm not sure which ones beyond shared_buffers (maybe try a
couple thousand) are applicable to 7.1.3.

You really should upgrade. Alot of serious bug fixes and performance
enhancements have been made from 7.1.x to 7.4.x.

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