Biggest speedup I've found yet is the backup process (PG_DUMP --> GZIP). 100% faster in 64-bit mode. This drastic speed might be more the result of 64-bit GZIP though as I've seen benchmarks in the past showing encryption/compression running 2 or 3 times faster in 64-bit mode versus 32-bit.

William Yu wrote:

I just finished upgrading the OS on our Opteron 148 from Redhat9 to Fedora FC2 X86_64 with full recompiles of Postgres/Apache/Perl/Samba/etc.

The verdict: a definite performance improvement. I tested just a few CPU intensive queries and many of them are a good 30%-50% faster. Transactional/batch jobs involving client machines (i.e. include fixed client/networking/odbc overhead) seem to be about 10%-20% faster although I will need run more data through the system to get a better feel of the numbers.

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