On Dec 1, 2004, at 1:06 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
That seems like the hard way to express a timestamp constant. Why not

I realized after i sent this message that i might get this responese. I should have mentioned this was from within a stored pl/pgsql function, and the date wasn't a constant, but a variable. I was just trying to simplify the example.

it's more like:

foo_date date;
select some_date into foo_date from some_table where something = something_else;

select blah from redir_log where redir_timestamp >= foo_date::timestamp without time zone at time zone 'GMT';
etc / etc / etc

select count(*) from redir_log
where redir_timestamp >= '10/14/2004 00:00 GMT';

(FWIW, though, the AT TIME ZONE construct *should* have been collapsed
to a constant; 8.0 fixes this.)

regards, tom lane

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