Brian Hirt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> it's more like:

> declare
>       foo_date date;
> begin
>       select some_date into foo_date from some_table where something = 
> something_else;
>       select blah from redir_log where redir_timestamp >= foo_date::timestamp 
> without time zone at time zone 'GMT';
>       etc / etc / etc

Ah.  In that case you're going to have trouble anyway with the planner
having no clue what the effective value of the comparison expression is,
because it'll certainly not be able to fold the plpgsql variable to a
constant.  I agree with the other person who suggested faking it out
by adding a dummy other-side-of-the-range constraint, perhaps
        AND redir_timestamp <= now()
(or whatever upper bound is okay for your purposes).  This should coax
it into using an indexscan.

                        regards, tom lane

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