Well, I've personally seen IBM's that were slower than Dell's, and Dell's aren't particularly fast.

I'm currently trying to find a name brand computer that is as fast as something I could build myself. So far the HP looks like the fastest, but still not as fast as a machine built from scratch
SuperMicro seems to be pretty good as Bruce mentioned.


Geoffrey wrote:

Merlin Moncure wrote:

For the budget or performance minded I'd suggest checking out SWT
servers (http://www.swt.com) ...not sure what tier they fit into but
they can get you into a quad Opteron for under 10k$ US, about half what
you would pay for a comparable HP server (and Dell doesn't even offer

You can do the same with Monarch Computers. A 4u quad opteron. You can also pay a lot more, depends on the configuration. They have a very nice site for building a system as you want.

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