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> Consider Sun's new line of Opterons. They've been around for a couple of

I wouldn't buy a ray of sunshine from Sun in the middle of January at
the north pole, given the customer experience I had with them.  They
had consistent failures in some critical hardware, and it was like
asking them to donate a kidney when we tried to get the things fixed. 
Finally, they told us that they'd sell us the new line of hardware
instead.  In other words, "The last version was broken, but _this_
one works!  We promise!"  We told them to take a long walk off a
short pier.  Their service people sure _try_ hard in the field, but
some machines required three and four visits to fix.  

I also find the Sun Opteron offering to be way overpriced compared to
the competition.

In case it's not obvious, I don't speak for my employer.


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