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RC> Hi!
RC> I am using PostgreSQL with a proprietary ERP software in Brazil. The
RC> database have around 1.600 tables (each one with +/- 50 columns).
RC> My problem now is the time that takes to restore a dump. My customer
RC> database have arount 500mb (on the disk, not the dump file) and I am
RC> making the dump with pg_dump -Fc, my dumped file have 30mb. To make
RC> the dump, it's taking +/- 1,5 hours BUT to restore (using pg_restore )
RC> it it takes 4 - 5 hours!!!

I regularly dump a db that is compressed at over 2Gb.  Last time I did
a restore on the production box it took about 3 hours.  Restoring it
into a development box with a SATA RAID0 config takes like 7 hours or

The biggest improvement in speed to restore time I have discovered is
to increase the checkpoint segments.  I bump mine to about 50.  And
moving the pg_xlog to a separate physical disk helps a lot there, too.

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