I am currently working on a project for my company that entails
Databasing upwards of 300 million specific parameters.  In the current
DB Design, these parameters are mapped against two lookup tables (2
million, and 1.5 million respectively) and I am having extreme issues
getting PG to scale to a working level.  Here are my issues:
  1)the 250 million records are currently whipped and reinserted as a
"daily snapshot" and the fastest way I have found "COPY" to do this from
a file is no where near fast enough to do this.  SQL*Loader from Oracle
does some things that I need, ie Direct Path to the db files access
(skipping the RDBMS), inherently ignoring indexing rules and saving a
ton of time (Dropping the index, COPY'ing 250 million records, then
Recreating the index just takes way too long).
  2)Finding a way to keep this many records in a fashion that can be
easily queried.  I even tried breaking it up into almost 2800 separate
tables, basically views of the data pre-broken down, if this is a
working method it can be done this way, but when I tried it, VACUUM, and
the COPY's all seemed to slow down extremely.
   If there is anyone that can give me some tweak parameters or design
help on this, it would be ridiculously appreciated.  I have already
created this in Oracle and it works, but we don't want to have to pay
the monster if something as wonderful as Postgres can handle it.

Ryan Wager

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> are there any plans for rewriting queries to preexisting materialized
> views?  I mean, rewrite a query (within the optimizer) to use a
> materialized view instead of the originating table?

Automatically, and by default, no.   Using the RULES system?  Yes, you
already do this and the folks on the MattView project on pgFoundry are 
working to make it easier.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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