>   1)the 250 million records are currently whipped and reinserted as a
> "daily snapshot" and the fastest way I have found "COPY" to do this from
> a file is no where near fast enough to do this.  SQL*Loader from Oracle
> does some things that I need, ie Direct Path to the db files access
> (skipping the RDBMS), inherently ignoring indexing rules and saving a
> ton of time (Dropping the index, COPY'ing 250 million records, then
> Recreating the index just takes way too long).

If you have the hardware for it, instead of doing 1 copy, do 1 copy
command per CPU (until your IO is maxed out anyway) and divide the work
amongst them. I can push through 100MB/sec using methods like this --
which makes loading 100GB of data much faster.

Ditto for indexes. Don't create a single index on one CPU and wait --
send off one index creation command per CPU.

>   2)Finding a way to keep this many records in a fashion that can be
> easily queried.  I even tried breaking it up into almost 2800 separate
> tables, basically views of the data pre-broken down, if this is a
> working method it can be done this way, but when I tried it, VACUUM, and
> the COPY's all seemed to slow down extremely.

Can you send us EXPLAIN ANALYSE output for the slow selects and a little
insight into what your doing? A basic table structure, and indexes
involved would be handy. You may change column and table names if you

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> Subject: Re: [PERFORM] query rewrite using materialized views
> Yann,
> > are there any plans for rewriting queries to preexisting materialized
> > views?  I mean, rewrite a query (within the optimizer) to use a
> > materialized view instead of the originating table?
> Automatically, and by default, no.   Using the RULES system?  Yes, you
> can 
> already do this and the folks on the MattView project on pgFoundry are 
> working to make it easier.

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