> > I will put more ram but someone said RH 9.0 had poor recognition on the Ram
> > above 4 Gb?
> I think they were refering to 32 bit architectures, not distributions as
> such.

Sorry for wrong reason , then should I increase more RAM than 4 Gb. on 32 bit

> > Should I close the hyperthreading ? Would it make any differnce between
> open and
> > close the hyperthreading?
> > Thanks for any comment
> In my experience, the largest performance increases come from intensive
> analysis and optimisation of queries. Look at the output of EXPLAIN
> ANALYZE for the queries your application is generating and see if they can
> be tuned in anyway. More often than not, they can.

So what you mean is that the result is the same whether  close or open
hyperthreading ?
Will it be any harm if I open it ?
The main point shiuld be adjustment the query , right.

> Feel free to ask for assistence on irc at irc.freenode.net #postgresql.
> People there help optimise queries all day ;-).

How could I contact with those people ;=> which url ?
Thanks again.

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