Ok, so one use case is to select a large number of rows and do some non-trivial operation on them.
I can see where getting the rows inside the server process ( ie some procedural language ) thereby reducing the round trip overhead would be beneficial. However how do you deal with the lack of control ? For instance what happens if you run out of memory while doing this ? I'm not sure about other DB'S but if you crash the procedural language inside postgres you will bring the server down.

It would seem to me that any non-trivial operation would be better handled outside the server process, even if it costs you the round trip.


Gary Doades wrote:

Dave Cramer wrote:

I'm curious, why do you think that's serious ? What do you really expect to do in the stored procedure ? Anything of consequence will seriously degrade performance if you select it in say a million rows.

I'm not sure what you mean by "select it in a million rows". I would expect to write a procedure within the database engine to select a million rows, process them and return the result to the client. Very efficient.


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