Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
Don't forget your support contract cost, as well as licenses for each
of your servers: development, testing, QA, etc.
Is it really as "cheap" as 5K? I've heard that for any fairly modern
system, it's much more, but that may be wrong.

Sort of -- see: "It is available on single server systems supporting up to a maximum of 2 CPUs"

Also note that most industrial strength features (like table partitioning, RAC, OLAP, Enterprise Manager plugins, etc, etc) are high priced options (mostly $10K to $20K per CPU) and they can only be used with the Enterprise edition (which is $40K/CPU *not* $2.5K/CPU).

And you are correct, they expect to be paid for each dev, test, and QA machine too.

The $5K edition is just there to get you hooked ;-) By the time you add up what you really want/need, figure you'll spend a couple of orders of magnatude higher, and then > 20% per year for ongoing maintenance/upgrades/support.


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