> Subject: [PERFORM] which dual-CPU hardware/OS is fastest for
> I'm sorry if there's a URL out there answering this, but I couldn't
> it.
> For those of us that need the best performance possible out of a
> dedicated dual-CPU PostgreSQL server, what is recommended?
> AMD64/Opteron or i386/Xeon?
> Linux or FreeBSD or _?_
> I'm assuming hardware RAID 10 on 15k SCSI drives is fastest disk
> performance.
> Any hardware-comparison benchmarks out there showing the results for
> different PostgreSQL setups?

My recommendation would be:
2 way or 4 way Opteron depending on needs (looking on a price for 4-way?
Go here: http://www.swt.com/qo3.html).  Go no less than Opteron 246.
Tyan motherboard
Serial ATA controller by 3ware (their latest escalade series size for
your needs) (if money is no object, go scsi).  Make sure you pick up the
Redhat Linux FC3 x86-64
Good memory (DDR400 registered, at least)...lots of it.

You can get a two way rackmount for under 4000$.  You can get a 4-way
for under 10k$.  Make sure you pick up a rackmount case that has a
serial ATA backplane that supports led status light for disk drives, and
make sure you get the right riser, heh.  


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