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I may be asking the question the wrong way, but when I start up PostgreSQL swap is what gets used the most of. I've got 1282MB free RAM right now and and 515MB swap in use. Granted, swap file usage probably wouldn't be zero, but I would guess that it should be a lot lower so something must be keeping PostgreSQL from using the free RAM that my system is reporting. For example, one of my postgres processes is 201M in size but on 72M is resident in RAM. That extra 130M is available in RAM, according to top, but postgres isn't using it.

Can you please give us your exact shared_buffer and sort_mem settings?
This will help greatly. As a general thing, we say don't use more than 10k shared bufs unless you have done testing and enjoy a benefit. Managing all those buffers isn't free.

I'm also not sure how Solaris reports shared memory usage for apps... a lot of that could be shared mem.

Can you watch say, vmstat 1 for a minute or two while PG is running and see if you're actually swapping?


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