Hervé Piedvache wrote:

Dealing about the hardware, for the moment we have only a bi-pentium Xeon 2.8Ghz with 4 Gb of RAM ... and we saw we had bad performance results ... so we are thinking about a new solution with maybe several servers (server design may vary from one to other) ... to get a kind of cluster to get better performance ...

The poor performance may not necessarily be:

i) attributable to the hardware or,
ii) solved by clustering.

I would recommend determining *why* you got the slowdown. A few possible
reasons are:

i) not vacuuming often enough, freespacemap settings too small.
ii) postgresql.conf setting very non optimal.
iii) index and/or data design not optimal for PG.

My suspicions would start at iii).

Other posters have pointed out that 250000000 records in itself is not
necessarily a problem, so this sort of data size is manageable.



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