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>>> Randolf Richardson wrote:
>>>> While this doesn't exactly answer your question, I use this little
>>>> tidbit of information when "selling" people on PostgreSQL. 
>>>> PostgreSQL was chosen over Oracle as the database to handle all of
>>>> the .org TLDs information.  ...
>> Do you have a link for that information?
>>> http://www.icann.org/tlds/org/questions-to-applicants-13.htm#Response13
>>> TheInternetSocietyISOC 
>>          That's perfect.  Thanks!
> This is rather old news, actually, as Afilias (the outfit actually
> running the registry for ISOC) has been running the .info TLD on
> Postgres since 2001.  They have the contract for the new .mobi TLD.

        Perhaps it's old, but it's new to me because I don't follow that area 
of the internet very closely.

> And they are currently one of not many bidders to take over the .net
> registry when Verisign's contract expires this June.  Now *that* will
> be a hard TLD to ignore ;-)

        Yes, indeed, that will be.  My feeling is that Network Solutions 
actually manages the .NET and .COM registries far better than anyone else 
does, and when .ORG was switched away I didn't like the lack of flexibility 
that I have always enjoyed with .NET and .COM -- the problem is that I have 
to create a separate account and password for each .ORG internet domain 
name now and can't just use one master account and password for all of 
them, and if the same folks are going to be running .NET then I'm going to 
wind up having more management to do for that one as well (and I'm not 
talking about just a mere handlful of internet domain names either).

> I am actually sitting in a Toronto hotel room right now because I'm
> attending a meeting sponsored by Afilias for the purpose of initial
> design of the Slony-II replication system for Postgres (see Slony-I).
> According to the Afilias guys I've been having dinners with, they
> got absolutely zero flak about their use of Postgres in connection
> with the .mobi bid, after having endured very substantial bombardment
> (cf above link) --- and a concerted disinformation campaign by Oracle
> --- in connection with the .org and .info bids.  As far as the ICANN
> community is concerned, this is established technology.

        Perhaps you could mention this problem I've noticed to them if you 
happen to be talking with them.  It's obviously not a difficult problem to 
solve when it comes to good database management and would really make life 
a lot easier for those of us who are responsible for large numbers of 
internet domain names.

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