> Tell me if I am wrong but it sounds to me like like
> an endless problem....

Agreed. Such it is with caching. After doing some informal benchmarking with 8.0 under Solaris, I am convinced that our major choke point is WAL synchronization, at least for applications with a high commit rate.

We have noticed a substantial improvement in performance with 8.0 vs 7.4.6. All of the update/insert problems seem to have gone away, save WAL syncing.

I may have to take back what I said about indexes.

Olivier Sirven wrote:
Le Vendredi 21 Janvier 2005 19:18, Marty Scholes a écrit :

The indexes can be put on a RAM disk tablespace and that's the end of
index problems -- just make sure you have enough memory available.  Also
make sure that the machine can restart correctly after a crash: the
tablespace is dropped and recreated, along with the indexes.  This will
cause a machine restart to take some time.

Tell me if I am wrong but it sounds to me like like an endless problem....This solution may work with small indexes (less than 4GB) but what appends when the indexes grow ? You would add more memory to your server ? But there will be a moment were you can not add more so what's next ?

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