Alex Turner wrote:

To be honest I've used compaq, dell and LSI SCSI RAID controllers and
got pretty pathetic benchmarks from all of them.

I also have seen average-low results for LSI (at least the 1020 card).

2xOpteron 242, Tyan S2885 MoBo, 4GB Ram, 14xSATA WD Raptor drives:
2xRaid 1, 1x4 disk Raid 10, 1x6 drive Raid 10.  2x3ware (now AMCC)
Escalade 9500S-8MI.

Thanks, this is precious information.

I would be interested in starting a site listing RAID benchmarks under
linux.  If anyone is interested let me know.  I would be interested in
at least some bonnie++ benchmarks, and perhaps other if people would

I have used also tiobench [] Any experience with it?


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