Mitch Pirtle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> It would be really useful to know if anyone has ever been punished for
> doing this, as IANAL but that restriction is going to be very, VERY
> difficult to back up in court without precedence. Is this just a
> deterrent, or is it real?

If Oracle doesn't eat your rear for lunch, it would only be because you
hadn't annoyed them sufficiently for them to bother.  Under the terms of
the license agreement that you presumably clicked through, you gave up
your rights to publish anything they don't like.  Do a little Google
research.  For instance

The impression I get is that if you are willing to spend lots of $$
you could *maybe* win the case, if you can still find a judge who thinks
that the public good outweighs private contract law (good luck, with the
Republicans in office).  Do you have a larger budget for legal issues
than Oracle does?  If so, step right up.

                        regards, tom lane

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