In terms of performance, Oracle is to Postgres as Postgres is to Mysql: More
complexity, more overhead, more layers of abstraction, but in the long run it
pays off when you need it. (Only without the user-friendliness of either
open-source softwares.)

I don't find postgres complex... I find it nice, well-behaved, very easy to use, very powerful, user-friendly... there are a lot of features but somehow it's well integrated and makes a coherent set. It also has some very useful secret passages (like the whole GiST family) which can save you from some things at which SQL really sucks. It certainly is complex on the inside but I think the devs have done a very good job at hiding that.

It's also polite : it will say 'I have a function with the name you said but the parameter types don't match' ; mysql will just say 'syntax error, RTFM', or insert its favorite value of 0.

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