"Joost Kraaijeveld" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I cannot change the query (it is geneated by a tool called Clarion) but it 
> something like (from the psqlodbc_xxx.log):
> "...
> declare SQL_CUR01 cursor for 
> SELECT A.ordernummer, B.klantnummer FROM "orders" A LEFT OUTER JOIN "klt_alg" 
> B ON A.Klantnummer=B.Klantnummer ORDER BY A.klantnummer;
> fetch 100 in SQL_CUR01;
> ..."

Well, the planner does put some emphasis on startup time when dealing
with a DECLARE CURSOR plan; the problem you face is just that that
correction isn't large enough.  (From memory, I think it optimizes on
the assumption that 10% of the estimated rows will actually be fetched;
you evidently want a setting of 1% or even less.)

We once talked about setting up a GUC variable to control the percentage
of a cursor that is estimated to be fetched:
It never got done but that seems like the most reasonable solution to

                        regards, tom lane

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