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Tom Lane schreef:
> Well, the planner does put some emphasis on startup time when dealing
> with a DECLARE CURSOR plan; the problem you face is just that that
> correction isn't large enough.  (From memory, I think it optimizes on
> the assumption that 10% of the estimated rows will actually
> be fetched; you evidently want a setting of 1% or even less.)
I wish I had your mnemory ;-) . The tables contain 1.100.000 records by the way 
 (that is not nearly 10 %, my math is not that good))

> We once talked about setting up a GUC variable to control the
> percentage of a cursor that is estimated to be fetched:
> http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2000-10/msg01108.php
> It never got done but that seems like the most reasonable solution to
> me. 
If the proposal means that the cursor is not limited to ths limit in the query 
but is limited to the fetch than I support the proposal. A bit late I presume.


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