> I have never used Oracle myself, nor have I read its license
> but what if you didn't name Oracle directly? ie:
> TPS           Database
> -------------------------------
> 112   MySQL
> 120   PgSQL
> 90    Sybase
> 95    "Other database that *may* start with a letter after N"
> 50    "Other database that *may* start with a letter after L"
> As far as I know there are only a couple databases that don't allow
> to post benchmarks, but if they remain "unnamed" can legal action be
> taken?
> Just like all those commercials on TV where they advertise: "Cleans
> better then the other leading brand".

Instead of measuring transactions/second, let's put everything in terms
of transactions/dollar.  This will make it quite easy to determine which
database is which from the results.  Since postgresql is free and would
invalidate our test on mathematical terms, we will sub in the $19.99
price of a T-Shirt (http://www.sourcewear.com/) for the price of the

TP$             Database
25          A
.5          B
.01         C
.001        D
.00001      E


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