Oops! [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Merlin Moncure") was seen spray-painting on a wall:
> Instead of measuring transactions/second, let's put everything in terms
> of transactions/dollar.  This will make it quite easy to determine which
> database is which from the results.  Since postgresql is free and would
> invalidate our test on mathematical terms, we will sub in the $19.99
> price of a T-Shirt (http://www.sourcewear.com/) for the price of the
> database.
> TP$           Database
> -------------------------------
> 25          A
> .5          B
> .01         C
> .001        D
> .00001      E

Ah, but that's a completely wrong evaluation.

The fact that PostgreSQL is available without licensing charges does
_not_ make a transactions/dollar ratio break down.

After all, the cost of a computer system to run the transactions is
likely to be comprised of some combination of software licenses and
hardware costs.  Even if the software is free, the hardware isn't.

If you're doing a high end evaluation, you probably have a million
dollars worth of computer hardware.

If you're running PostgreSQL, that may mean you can afford to throw
some extra RAM on the box, but you still need the million dollar
server in order to get hefty TPS counts...
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