I used you perl script and found the error => [EMAIL PROTECTED] tmp]# perl relacl.pl DBI connect('dbname=template1;port=5432','postgres',...) failed: FATAL: IDENT authentication failed for user "postgres" at relacl.pl line 21 Error in connect to DBI:Pg:dbname=template1;port=5432:

Excellent - we know what is going on now!

And my pg_hba.conf is

# IPv4-style local connections:
host    all         all   trust
host    all             all         trust

trusted for every user.

Ok, what I think has happened is that there is another Pg installation (or another initdb'ed cluster) on this machine that you are accidentally talking to. Try

$ rpm -qa|grep -i postgres

which will spot another software installation, you may just have to
search for files called pg_hba.conf to find another initdb'ed cluster....

This other installation should have a pg_hba.conf that looks something
like :

local   all     all                                ident
host    all     all   ident

So a bit of detective work is in order :-)


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