>I've downloaded the latest release (PostgreSQL 8.0) for windows.
>Installation was OK, but I have tried to restore a database.
>It had more than ~100.000 records. Usually I use PostgreSQL
>under Linux, and it used to be done under 10 minutes.
>Under W2k und XP it took 3 hours(!) Why is it so slow????
>The commands I used:
>Under Linux: (duration: 1 minute)
>       pg_dump -D databasename > databasename.db
>Under Windows: (duration: 3 - 3.5 hours(!))
>       psql databasename < databasename.db >nul
>It seemed to me, that only 20-30 transactions/sec were
>writen to the database.

20-30 transactionsi s about what you'll get on a single disk on Windows
We have a patch in testing that will bring this up to about 80.
You can *never* get above 80 without using write cache, regardless of
your OS, if you have a single disk. You might want to look into wether
write cacheing is enabled on your linux box, and disable it. (unless you
are using RAID) A lot points towards write cache enabled on your system.

If you need the performance that equals the one with write cache on, you
can set fsync=off. But then you will lose the guarantee that your
machine will survive an unclean shutdown or crash. I would strongly
advice against it on a production system - same goes for running with
write cache!


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