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> I have the same requirement too. Actually pg_autovacuum can not be
> instructed "per table" so some time the global settings are not good
> enough. I have a table of logs with 6 milions rows ( 3 years logs )
> I insert on that page ~ 6000 rows for day. I'm running pg_autovacuum
> with setting to ANALYZE or VACUUM table if the 10% is touched.
> With this setting pg_autovacuum will analyze that table each 3 months!!!

If you have only inserts, and only so few on a large table, you do not
need to vacuum such often. Not to reclaim space, only to prevent
transaction ID wraparound (which is ensured by pg_autovacuum).

And if the data distribution does not change, frequently calling ANALYZE
does not help much, either.


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