>         ->  Merge Join  (cost=602.54..1882.73 rows=870 width=91) (actual
> time=234.000..312.000 rows=310 loops=1)
>               Merge Cond: ("outer".current_status_id = "inner".id)

Hmmm ... this merge join appears to be the majority of your execution 
time .... at least within the resolution that PGWin allows us.    Please try 
two things, and give us Explain Analyzes:

1) To determine your query order ala Dan Tow and drive off of person, please 
SET JOIN_COLLAPSE_LIMIT = 1 and then run Mark Kirkwood's version of the 
query.  (Not that I believe in Dan Tow ... see previous message ... but it 
would be interesting to see the results.

2) Force PG to drop the merge join via SET ENABLE_MERGEJOIN = FALSE;

Also, please let us know some about the server you're using and your 
configuration parameters, particularly:

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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