Ken Egervari wrote:
Let's say we have 200 users signed into the application at the same time. The application refreshes their shipment information automatically to make sure it's up to date on the user's screen. The application will execute the query we are trying to tune every 60 seconds for most of these users. Users can set the refresh time to be higher, but 60 is the lowest amount so I'm just assuming everyone has it at 60.

Anyway, if you have 200 users logged in, that's 200 queries in the 60 second period, which is about 3-4 queries every second.

Can you turn the problem around? Calculate what you want for all users (once every 60 seconds) and stuff those results into a summary table. Then let the users query the summary table as often as they like (with the understanding that the figures aren't going to update any faster than once a minute)
Richard Huxton
Archonet Ltd

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