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> The EXPLAIN ANALYZE instrumentation code will really be happier with a
> straight time-since-bootup counter; by using gettimeofday, it is
> vulnerable to giving wrong answers if someone changes the date setting
> while the EXPLAIN is running.  But there is (AFAIK) no such call among
> the portable Unix syscalls.  It seems reasonable to me to #ifdef that
> code to make use of QueryPerformanceCounter on Windows.  This does not
> mean we want to alter the behavior of gettimeofday() where it's being
> used to find out the time of day.

There is always clock().  It's mandated by ANSI C, but my docs say
that POSIX requires CLOCKS_PER_SEC == 1000000 regardless of actual
timer resolution, which seems a little brain-dead to me.

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