Gaetano Mendola wrote:
running a 7.4.5 engine, I'm facing this bad plan:

empdb=# explain analyze SELECT 
empdb-#                    FROM v_sc_user_request
empdb-#                    WHERE
empdb-#                         login = 'babinow1'
empdb-#                    LIMIT 10 ;

                     ->  Subquery Scan vsp  (cost=985.73..1016.53 rows=1103 
width=12) (actual time=25.328..1668.754 rows=493 loops=31)
                           ->  Merge Join  (cost=985.73..1011.01 rows=1103 
width=130) (actual time=25.321..1666.666 rows=493 loops=31)
                                 Merge Cond: ("outer".id_program = 

The problem to address is in this subquery. That's a total of 31 x (1668.754 - 25.328) = 50seconds (about).

Since your query is so simple, I'm guessing v_sc_user_request is a view. Can you provide the definition?
Richard Huxton
Archonet Ltd

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