Hello All,

I have a couple of questions about running 2 databases:

1) on a single 7.4.6 postgres instance does each database have it own WAL
   file or is that shared? Is it the same on 8.0.x?

2) what's the high performance way of moving 200 rows between similar
   tables on different databases? Does it matter if the databases are
   on the same or seperate postgres instances?

My web app does lots of inserts that aren't read until a session is complete. The plan is to put the heavy insert session onto a ramdisk based pg-db and transfer the relevant data to the master pg-db upon session completion. Currently running 7.4.6.

Individual session data is not as critical as the master pg-db so the risk associated with running the session pg-db on a ramdisk is acceptable. All this is to get past the I/O bottleneck, already tweaked the config files, run on multiple RAID-1 spindles, profiled the queries, maxed the CPU/ram. Migrating to 64bit fedora soon.

Thanks, this mailing list has been invaluable.


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