On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 16:32 +0100, Miroslav Šulc wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to PostgreSQL and query optimizations. We have recently moved 
> our project from MySQL to PostgreSQL and we are having performance 
> problem with one of our most often used queries. On MySQL the speed was 
> sufficient but PostgreSQL chooses time expensive query plan. I would 
> like to optimize it somehow but the query plan from EXPLAIN ANALYZE is 
> little bit cryptic to me.

[snip output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE]

for those of us who have not yet reached the level where one can
infer it from the query plan, how abour showing us the actual
query too ?

but as an example of what to look for, consider the first few lines

> Merge Right Join  (cost=9868.84..9997.74 rows=6364 width=815) 
>                   (actual time=9982.022..10801.216 rows=6364 loops=1)
>   Merge Cond: ("outer".idpk = "inner".cadastralunitidfk)
>   ->  Index Scan using cadastralunits_pkey on cadastralunits          
>       (cost=0.00..314.72 rows=13027 width=31)
>       (actual time=0.457..0.552 rows=63 loops=1)
>   ->  Sort  (cost=9868.84..9884.75 rows=6364 width=788)
>             (actual time=9981.405..10013.708 rows=6364 loops=1)

notice that the index scan is expected to return 13027 rows, but
actually returns 63. this might influence the a choice of plan.


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